Turn Sound in to Granular Textures...

  • Max For Live or Standalone Application
  • Drag Clips or Record Directly into up to 3 sound chambers
  • Density Control Creates Sparse or Chaotic Granular Textures
  • Multislider Interface gives 'Per-Grain' Control over...
    • Grain Time (from 25-200ms)
    • Panning
    • Pitch +/- 3 Octaves
    • De-Tune (finely) +/- cents
    • Delay Line + Feedback (1000ms)
  • Store and Recall Presets (Slide Between Stored Presets)
  • Midi-Mappable (Max for Live Device only)

For Support or Questions contact us by email or phone: 310.951.3985 (USA).

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