rapid prototyping

Wireless VR Head Tracking Device

Mach1 approached us about creating a head tracking device that could be used by their sound designers for VR Projects. Their studio specializes in sound for VR experiences and develops new technology for the placement of audio sources in game and cinematic 3D environments. 

To allow their engineers to simulate the use of VR headsets without obstructing their vision during the mixing process, David Sheinkopf and I created for them a small tracking device that they can place on top of their headphones. The device simulates wearing a VR headset by reporting, wirelessly, the real-time rotation of their heads to a custom software/hardware setup capable of placing sound sources virtually in headphones, quad, or 5.1 /7.1 audio systems. 

The 3D printed enclosure, software development, and circuit were all done in house in the Pioneer Works tech lab.