Smartphone Live Stream for Florian Meisenberg

Smart Phone Live Stream / Custom Android App at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

Out of Office - part of the 'Ich" group show at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt keeps the artist tethered constantly to the museum exhibit. Whenever Florian is within range of a cell phone tower or wifi, he is able to directly stream the screen of his Galaxy S7 Edge Plus to the massive flat monitor in the installation. When he's unable to stream his screen, the program notices and selects images from a dropbox folder which he can update remotely as he pleases. 

An additional Android application was developed by our team which streams sensor data from the phone to Frankfurt and is used by their web team to display information about Florian's phone usage on the Schirn Mag website. Check it out HERE

The television monitor is situated within a larger installation and stands proudly on an inviting astroturf hill reminiscent of XP era Windows art. Just behind hangs a large "skybox" painting that reminds us of "Delivery to the Following Recipients Failed Permanently" which we worked on for the artist only a year prior. See that project on our blog HERE

The show is up until May 29th, 2016.