Web Scraping and Parametrically Generated 3D Visualizations for Florian Meisenberg

We worked with artist Florian Meisenberg to create a 2 channel video piece at Simone Subal Gallery in March of 2015. The piece, titled "Delivery to the Following Recipients Failed Permanently" is generated in real time and features two "fluid blobs" parametrically modeled in real time. The blobs take turns consuming random 3D models downloaded from open source databases using a custom PHP Script (or webscraper). The piece runs on a continuous loop. 

The installation, shown again in the summer at Kunstpalais Erlangen was augmented by 3D printing the downloaded models 



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Two large, thin screens are placed at either end of the gallery. They show live renderings that never stay the same. Meisenberg, in collaboration with software developers, devised a program that continually downloads three-dimensional shapes from open source content. The screens are the framework for a dialog between amorphous blobs that constantly change in form because of the absorption of new updated information as well as in response to the transformations taking place in the corresponding globule. These compositions pulse, turn, and spread across stock backgrounds that reference the classical tradition, visually containing indefinable configurations. For Meisenberg, the piece captures the contemporary moment: the way images and ideas coalesce and disperse, move from one site to another. The work is also a way for him to turn the structural logic of the Internet into a site for collaboration, in which data becomes the basis for a choreographic arrangement.

The ever-developing shapes that dance before the viewer’s eyes are akin to the viscous verticals of color in the paintings and to the arrangements of deformed plastic chairs whose standardized construction has been individualized by intense heat and physical manipulation. The mutant seats—once innocuous in their generic invisibility—congregate in clusters around the spaces in an effort to find a new sense of collective identity. Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently is an environment that folds, expands, and contracts around the viewer. The slippages between the virtual and the material have become increasingly irrelevant.
— www.simonesubal.com
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Kustpalais Erlangen