Introducing APE... A Sound Responsive Add-On to GarageCube's Modul8

We are ecstatic to announce a new standalone app straight from our top secret mind labs in New York City baby. This lil thing was made in collaboration with accomplished video artist Miah Artola. It functions as an intermediary between live sound and your Modul8 project - so if you're not a Modul8 user sorry, ya can't use it. If you use Modul8 however, and you work in live musical performance settings, this bad dog will prove to be an indispensable member of your software arsenal.

Many who use Modul8 are aware that sound can only be mapped to a few parameters in the program. With APE however, users can enjoy the mapping of sound to the transparency of up to 4 videos in their project as well as 8 more effects previously not assignable to sound control. That's not all though - take a look at to find out more about creating beat pulsing synaesthetic visuals to your VJ performance now. 

Also, take a look at this video we put together to explain how it all works.